Justice Legacy Will Be Back Soon ;)

I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a break from this legacy i will be back soon. I know this will probably lose many viewers but my granddad sadly passed last week and I’m not feeling up to writing and doubt i will for a while (: But i will, Yes I WILL be back soon x

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Join Us!

Join us at Sims 3 Simmers (:

We’re a wonderful community just lacking of you wonderful simmers!

We have an off-topic area and private messaging.  We’re always happy to help or chat.

I’ll have to thank chama123 for making this wonderful site (: I hope your join us and have fun with us wonderful simming community.

 http://sims3simmers.webs.com/  You know you want to click it 😉

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Welcome Everyone to the Justice Legacy!

I will be following most of the Legacy challenge rules but I also like doing things a bit differently.

My Rules:

  1. My Legacy is a Patriarchy so my heirs will be male ( Because the female genetics are terrible in my game) >.<
  2. I will bend the legacy rules for the benefit of the story and my sims lives.
  3. The Family Trait will be good for obvious reasons
  4. My sims are named from mythical names
  5. Constructive criticism is welcome but please put it nicely otherwise it’s not criticism it’s just rudeness.

Now on to the fun stuff (:

This here is Payton Justice our Founder, Also a major hottie *Wolf whistles*

Your totally whistling at me, right? *winks*

Also a complete Schmoozer when he’s heads not stuck in a book..  NERD!

Hey, Hey well at least I’ll be CEO of a mega Corporation *snickers* unlike some

Humph you watch it there..Or there be walls falling around your swimming pool..

Nooo, noo okay I’m good.. your amazing wonderful.. Eh what do I call you?

Frozen, you call me Frozen.. don’t you dare joke about my name or else.. I could always go city hall 😉

Nah, nah its cool.. very cool.. *snickers* you know some people say I’m a workaholic and some say I’m family orientated a bit conflicting right?

Agreed but you are very disciplined ;P *whispers* and cute for that matter..

True. True..you know my favorite colours purple right? French musics cool and nothing could ever beat goopy carbonara whatever that is..

Oh nice.. we betterr find you a good wife and a purple stereo then ;P

What about a husband?

A WIFE.. got it?


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